Content for SEO

Make sure you have text content on the page. To start, your landing page needs to have text content on it, not just images or videos. This is very important. Search engines can understand text content more easily than images or videos. Depending on the design of the page, you can use reasonable ways to add the text content you need for SEO purposes, without breaking your design.

Follow these simple instructions:

On top of the page try adding a few lines of text content. This can be under your H1 (main heading) tag. The purpose of this is to WhatsApp Number ¬†provide both search engines and users with an understanding of what the page is about. Typically, a landing page has the main offer displayed above the fold so users can see it as soon as they land on the page. This is okay, you don’t have to change your design for the sake of adding more text above the fold, but you can do so below the fold.

Be careful with using hidden views

Make sure important text is not hidden in tabs. Tabs are useful, especially BYB Directory on mobile devices, but as a general rule, only use¬† them when necessary. If you have something important to share with your users (and search engines), then don’t hide it in Tabs, make it visible on the page. Use Tabs of less important messages. Add relevant keywords to the content Related keywords are phrases that have the same meaning as your target keywords. So instead of repeating the same keywords in your text and risking it being perceived as keyword stuffing, you can find and enrich the text by using related keyword patterns.

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