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WhatsApp’s goal of becoming a safe haven for businesses

WhatsApp’s goal of becoming a safe haven for businesses has taken another step closer as the Meta-owned messaging platform introduces new features. These include the ability to search for businesses more easily, direct access to WhatsApp Number. WhatsApp now lets you search for small and large businesses by categories like travel or banking. You can […]

Translate your site with the tools of your CMS

You’ve now translated all the pages on your site and optimized your content for the regions you want to reach. What is the next step? Translating your website content is undoubtedly the most difficult part of this job, but implementing it is just as important. I will explain some ways to do it depending on […]

SEM terms working in the industry must know

Organic Search for Beginners

Ranking factors related to the user’s search query, incoming links, domain influence, device, user location, and more another factor. During my first meetings with customers or friends who want to learn about SEO, this is one of the first issues I want to explain. I want people to look at SEO from a more important […]

SEO for images and videos

For each image, you need to have a meaningful ALT text. ALT text is displayed in the browser when an image fails to load and is used by search engines to understand what the image is about. When writing your ALT text, try to incorporate keywords naturally. For example, if you have an image showing […]

Content for SEO

Make sure you have text content on the page. To start, your landing page needs to have text content on it, not just images or videos. This is very important. Search engines can understand text content more easily than images or videos. Depending on the design of the page, you can use reasonable ways to […]

Optimize landing page URL

nclude keywords – Include the keywords you want to target but don’t keyword stuff (I talk more about this below) All characters are lowercase There are no spaces Separate words are joined together by the character “-“ The URL of the landing page must be short and easy to remember so that when shared in […]

How to optimize SEO for Landing Page

Landing page is the first page you want users to visit when they visit your website. For many websites, the Landing page is the home page, as this is the page users reach when they enter the domain name into the browser. In situations where you run a marketing campaign, a landing page is the […]