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Enterprise vision in practice Company vision examples Methods that will help clarify the vision of the company The vision of the enterprise includes a comprehensive picture of what the company wants to be in the future, what its appearance is to be and defines the strategic position of the company. It also sets out the direction of the organization’s activities, describing its planne future. It is also an expression of intentions and aspirations, but without specifying the goals and means of achieving them.

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The company vision can be understood in two ways. On the one hand, vision – as a tool for creating a strategy, consistent with documents and strategic activities. On the other hand, the vision – as a business model that sets the direction of the Latest Mailing Database organization’s operation, building external and internal relations and shaping competitive advantage – is indicate by Maciej Malarski in “Internal image and the vision of the company”. The vision of the company should include the main message of the company and goals that include customers, staff, or stakeholders. Thanks to the vision, your company’s activities will have a specific direction and sense, which greatly facilitates the development of the company.

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You nee to know the image of the future of the organization to know what it is striving for. It should also be remembere that from a psychological point of view it is important.  That the company’s vision inspires creative action. Antoszkiewicz in “Methods BYB Directory of effective management” emphasizes.  That ” the vision should be associate with success, positive attitude, satisfaction with the future state of affairs, be a process opening to new values, new perspectives, new directions, new horizons for the existence of the company in the future.” Enterprise vision Company vision, goal, mission and strategy… is it all necessary? Experts say yes.

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