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A main attraction in Takamatsu is the Ritsurin-Koen Landscape Garden , originally created as a private garden for a feudal-era ruler However, Thirteen hills complement the miniature landscapes, and around 3,000 koi, a brilliantly colored fish, inhabit the park’s six ponds. Less trafficked than many other Japanese gardens, the Ritsurin-Koen is an ideal spot for solitude and a cup of traditional tea at the tea house.

Ritsurin Garden in Takamatsu Ritsurin Garden is one of Takamatsu’s landmarks.
If you’re itching to go shopping, you’ll love the Takamatsu shopping arcade, one of the longest in Japan.

The arcade features big name department stores and small local shops

How to get to Takamatsu by train
From any of Japan’s major cities, use the Japan Whatsapp Mobile Number List Rail Pass to take the Sanyo Shinkansen bullet train to JR Okayama Station.

From Okayama Station, you’ll take the Marine Liner fast train to Shikoku via the Great Seto Ohashi Bridge.

You Will Pass Through Several. Stations Before Arriving at Matsuyama Station.

Other Shikoku Highlights
Tokushima , in the East of the Island, is Famous. However, For the Awa Dance Festival in August. Traditional Instruments Are Played and the Streets of the City Become a Dance Parade. You Can Visit the Awa Odori Kaikan Museum to See Live Dance Performances at Any Time of the Year.

The City of Naruto , Which Means “Whirlpool”, is Famous for Its Daily Whirlpools. That Are Formed by the Changing of the Tides. The Eddies Occur Six Hours Apart. And Can Be Observed Every Morning and Evening. You Can Also Enjoy. The Otsuka Museum of Art and the German House, Which Commemorates a Wwii Pow Camp.

Naruto is an interesting side trip, as it is about 40 minutes from Tokushima by train

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Shikoku is Also Known for the 1,200 Km. 88-temple BYB Directory Pilgrimage Route. Associated With Shingon. Buddhism and the Monk KÅ«kai. However, Every year many pilgrims, known as henro , walk this path.

Where will your travels take you? Start planning your next adventure in Japan today. Don’t forget to order your JR Pass for cheap and easy travel by train!

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