Where is the Meta Title of a page displayed

So as you may have understood, even if the meta title is not directly visible on the page, it actually plays a very important role for users, because they practically always see it BEFORE they decide to click on your page. Remember this thing well. Why is the Meta Title important for Google? Well, you understood that the title is important for users. Now I’ll explain why the meta title is important (VERY important) for Google too. Explaining it to you is really simple: the meta title tag is very important for Google because it explains what the content of the page is and what the page is about. In essence, the meta title of a web page suggests to Google for which topic that page should be authoritative (and therefore positioned ).

The SEO Meta title is NOT the title of the page

For this reason, the meta title is one of the most Phone number data  important SEO positioning factors of a web page, together with the content , as MOZ (one of the most authoritative SEO sources in the world) explains to us in this article . The Meta Title is important for both Users and Google From what I have just explained to you, you understand that the meta title tag is important : It is important for users because it allows them to understand in advance (in Google’s SERPs or on social networks) what the content of the page is. And therefore a good title INCREASES the percentage of visits to a web page, while a poorly written title decreases them, For Google it is important because, in short, the title tells it which keyword we want our page to be positioned for.

How to see a site's meta tags

As a consequence of what has been said, we find ourselves faced with an arduous mission: to write a title that both users and Google like. It’s not easy, but maybe BYB Directory by reading this article we can improve something The SEO Meta title is NOT the title of the page Be careful not to fall into any misunderstanding: the meta title is NOT the title of the page . As I was telling you, the meta title is not directly visible on the web page, while the title is . Giving you a practical example, the title of my blog article on How to write the About Us page is what you saw before, in the image below: meta title and meta descriptionWhile the title of the page (which in this case is the title of the article) is slightly different: How to write the “About Us” page of your website: 9 PRACTICAL tips to use IMMEDIATELY (+ 1 final bonus)! As you can see, the title and page title DO NOT match , and in the title of the article I went on providing more information and trying to attract more attention. How to see a site’s meta tags.

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