With prison sentences of three months

One year or a fine of six to twenty-four months. . The Data Protection Regulation celebrates five years with the challenge. This May  marks five years since the direct application of the. General Data Protection Regulation GDPR which marked a before. And after in the field of privacy and data protection. A change in concept where values. With prison sentences ​​such as privacy by design or accountability are elements to be taken into account by organizations. In this period we have witnessed numerous relevant developments such as the approval of the Spanish legislation on the protection of personal data  the emergence of the figure.

Data Protection Officer DPD the establishment

New legal bases for data processing the reinforcement of the rights of interested parties or the necessary strengthening of cybersecurity among others. For experts these issues and those linked to the European Data Strategy and the emergence of emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Metaverse paint an environment full of challenges Whatsapp Number List The General Court of the European Union has issued a resolution annulling the financial subsidies that Italy granted to the country’s airlines in  as a result of the Covid- pandemic concluding that the minimum remuneration requirement to be a beneficiary of the loan is contrary to law.

European Commission of an aid measure

Consisting of subsidies paid to certain airlines holding an Italian license through a compensation fund of € million . The measure was intended to repair the damages suffered by companies that met the selection criteria due to travel restrictions and other confinement measures adopted in BYB Directory the context of the Covid- pandemic however it was approved by Brussels without A prior investigation procedure was opened upon understanding that the measure was compatible with the internal market.

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