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Importantly this tool not only allows us to plan and visualize individual content marketing activities, but also enables their automation – we can publish posts on our social profiles directly from the application level. We can have everything in one place and we don’t have to move between individual social meia accounts. 3 ClickMeeting is an easy-to-use tool for conducting online meetings and we use it to organize webinars. Clickmeeting is easy to use for the meeting host and participants. The host can easily upload his own presentation file, share his screen with recipients, invite participants to the meeting, send them thanks for participating in it, or generate surveys, e.g. evaluating the meeting.

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It is very easy for participants to join the meeting, and during the training they have access to the camera image, list of participants, presentation whatsapp mobile number list window and chat. 4 We nee a tool that will allow us to stay in touch – remember that we have offices in Gdańsk, Warsaw and Wrocław, and our team is also spread out in other Polish cities. That’s why we nee Slack , in which channels and conduct private conversations at the same time. This greatly facilitates communication and the work itself, especially since file exchange is extremely simple here. In addition, we have integrate Slack with the Stripe payment gateway to stay up to date and enjoy every new customer.

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The crowning achievement of our fascination with BYB Directory this tool is it with Brand24 – our clients can receive mentions from Internet monitoring on a selecte Slack channel. 5 We also talk on Skype . It is there cities and responsible for individual activities in the company can discuss what they have manage to accomplish and what plans they have for the near future.

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