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The definition emphasizes the huge benefits of such activities: first of all, they increase real profits, build trust and help keep loyal consumers. Examples of a well-shape brand image include: Coca-Cola as a brand that you reach for in moments of joy or spending time together with your love ones, while Nike is a cult brand with the highest quality sports clothing and footwear. Both small enterprises and large corporations shape their image because they know that it is of great value in the modern world and allows them to stand out from the competition.

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Brand identity – quotes A broad explanation of what brand identity is in.  Comparison to brand image can be found in the book by Jerzy Altkorn – a well-known and respecte Polish economist. Brand Strategy”. It says that: “brand identity means the vision phone number list of the potential perception. The brand by the consumer, or – in other words – the desire way of perceiving it, create by the brand sponsor. It could also be define as a certain comprehensive message about the brand sent by the donor to potential recipients through all marketing tools. The brand image is the consequence and effect of its reception, the image of identity in the mind of the consumer.

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In the above attempt at definition, it can be see how both concepts. Brand identity and brand image influence each other. First, the company must define its identity, how it wants to be perceive.  Positione in the minds of customers, and only then BYB Directory the image. The effect and test whether the create brand identity is properly perceive by our customers. Jerzy Altkorn it synthetically: “while identity is a certain set of attributes that the company conveys.  To the environment, and especially to consumers, the image is their real projection and reception in this environment. In other words, identity, by “producing” an image, positions it in the awareness of the environment.

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