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What is children’s advertising?

How is abusive children’s advertising characterized? Taking into account the fragility of the target audience, that is, that children are easier to persuade, the problem begins to arise when unethical means are used when focusing communication on the little ones to persuade them that they need a product. in particular. They become propagators of that […]

WhatsApp’s goal of becoming a safe haven for businesses

WhatsApp’s goal of becoming a safe haven for businesses has taken another step closer as the Meta-owned messaging platform introduces new features. These include the ability to search for businesses more easily, direct access to WhatsApp Number. WhatsApp now lets you search for small and large businesses by categories like travel or banking. You can […]

Based On Four Pillars The Vehicle Mix And Vehicle

While 2FA promises greater security, it doesn’t make payments easier in the business world; contrary to all intentions, the process remains inflexible and complex. The search for the ultimate payment solution for your procurement management The sore points of companies when paying for B2B purchases are now known. There is a lack of transparency about […]

For Each Category In Order To Quickly Draw

When we say “enterprise vision”, we implicitly add: a vision of success. That’s why it’s important to understand your perception of success beforehand. What is it for a given company? How will success manifest itself? This sometimes allows you to formulate a vision of the company on the spot. Company vision examples For example, the […]

We can successfully set up thematic

Importantly this tool not only allows us to plan and visualize individual content marketing activities, but also enables their automation – we can publish posts on our social profiles directly from the application level. We can have everything in one place and we don’t have to move between individual social meia accounts. 3 ClickMeeting is […]