Is it possible to sell a squat apartment

Surely the great fear of an owner who rents a property is not being able to sell a home in Barcelona . This being one of the autonomous communities where these events occur the most, with 43% in total of squatted properties in Spain. For this reason, many owners wonder if it is possible to sell a squat in Barcelona . It really is a complex situation, so you have to know very well how to act. From Housfy, you have the best experts to manage your lease and obtain the maximum benefit in the fastest and most comfortable way for you. Start now! Sell ​​your house getting more for less Paying a lot to receive little is a thing of the past.

Aspects to take into account when selling a squat apartment in Barcelona

This regulation has the objective of promoting social rentals to prevent the imminent loss of the habitual residence of thousands of families. Which means stopping the evictions of people who are in a situation of social exclusion. And in most cases, this invasion Algeria Phone Number List of properties slows down selling your apartment in Barcelona , ​​making the process more difficult for owners and agencies.  The process of selling a squatted property becomes much slower, so it may take you much longer to see it . Although the main drawback lies in the price, since you will have to set one below the market price. In fact, it may be a price drop of up to 42% compared to the market value. Sometimes, carrying out this procedure also involves facing expenses related to the renovation of the property . Normally, these types of tenants do not worry about the condition of the apartment.

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Advantages of selling a squatted home

Getting rid of a squatted property has its benefits: You stop paying the apartment expenses. Tips to prevent your property from being squatted It is recommended to prevent squatters in your apartment: Install security alarms : install security alarms such as cameras, motion Australia Phone Number List sensors, door and window sensors… They can be a complementary solution, but never definitive. Furthermore, most companies that offer this service require a 24-month contract, with monthly fees that can be around. Demotic equipment : these are technological equipment whose purpose is to simulate that someone is living in the house. Such as automatic blinds that go up and down according to timers.

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