Carme Pinós: Learn About Her Professional Career

Keep reading and discover with us the professional career of Carme Pinós through her works and the recognitions. She has received throughout her career. Who is Carme Pinós? Carme Pinós i Desplat is an architect born in Barcelona . Daughter of Tomás Pinos, a renowned doctor at the Santa Creu and Sant Pau hospital. He was the one who introduced her to the world of architecture . It was precisely at the wish of his father. That he completed his studies at the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona. He showed eminent aptitude in the profession in the face of a large male presence, something common at that time. It was there that she met Enric Miralles, who would later become her partner and husband.

During these first years with Enric Carme

she began to develop her first architectural projects , and at the same time she began the construction of what would be the foundations of her style and conception of what architecture should be. Carme Pinós and the landscape conception While studying at the Higher Technical School of Architecture in Barcelona, ​​Carme Pinós also South Korea Phone Number List helped her mother with the agricultural property that her family had in Lleida . This experience influenced the development of his architectural vision, since from there arose the landscape conception that characterizes his style . And for Pinós , whether it is a building or a landscape, the human experience, the use that will be given to the space and who will give it to it is always at the center of his designs.

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We could say that the values ​​of his style

Carme Pinós wins the National Architecture Award Carme Pinós firmly believed in these values, and always tried to capture them in each of the works she designed . This way of working earned him the recognition of the public and hundreds of architects. In December 2021, the winner of the National Architecture Prize was announced . This is the highest award in the field of architecture awarded in Spain, and on this China Phone Number List occasion it was awarded to Carme Pinós, in recognition of her solid and prolific career, which has left behind incredible works. The main works of Carme Pinós As we have told you, the beginning of her career was with her partner and husband, Enric Miralles. Together they soon became a well-known couple.

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