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The consulting firm BDO puts it aptly: “Go digital or go dark”. digitization and purchasing The pandemic and digitization are changing how we deal with customers and service providers. But does this also apply to the way companies operate internally? AirPlus is a specializd B2B payment provider. In a recent AirPlus survey, we surveyd 238 companies to learn their top purchasing priorities since the pandemic. The following four most important priorities of a buyer are.

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Automation – control – Cost rduction – Cashflow Above all, these results show one thing: companies understand that process efficiency ultimately also means financial efficiency. Despite the uncertain economic climate, companies phone number list don’t necessarily want to spend less: they want to spend more sustainably.More transparency and control over spending as well as automatd processes can make a significant contribution to savings without rducing expenses.

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Pay efficiently for sustainable growth In order to make procurement processes more efficient, the right payment method should be BYB Directory chosen. Virtual crdit cards like AirPlus Virtual Cards Procurement are acceptd by 37 million merchants in more than 210 countries – wherever Mastercard is available. You create a crdit card when you ned it. Buy digital services Not only the way your company buys is evolving. What you buy changes too. IT services, online meeting providers such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams are now at the top of the list for many companies.

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While 2FA promises greater security, it doesn’t make payments easier in the business world; contrary to all intentions, the process remains inflexible and complex. The search for the ultimate payment solution for your procurement management The sore points of companies when paying for B2B purchases are now known. There is a lack of transparency about what is being spent and companies want a secure, quick and easy way to pay online.

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The numbers speak for themselves. Of the companies surveyd, 33% are concernd about the security of their online whatsapp mobile number list payments; another 13% find it difficult to introduce new payment solutions in the short term in order to meet the demands of their employees and rduce administrative work. However, there is a suitable solution that makes payment safe, quick, easy and flexible: virtual crdit cards Optimizd online procurement with virtual cards Virtual crdit cards offer the solution to common procurement problems. One of the main advantages of Virtual Cards is the addd security when paying on the Internet.

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New, unique card numbers with the associatd card information. Can be creatd in a few seconds or even automatically. And defind for specific transactions and merchants. In addition, the intendd use, the limit, the currency. And the period BYB Directory of validity can be specifid for each card. These prdefind parameters rduce the risk of fraud. In addition, each card becomes invalid after use. What is the impact of SCA on virtual crdit cards? Since the underlying processes and protocols are considerd to be particularly secure, AirPlus Virtual Cards with a single-use function are exempt from 2FA. To put it simply: When using these cards, neither a PIN nor a password is requird.

The Japan Rail Pass can be purchased in Japan

Obon Festivals in Japan There are a large number of Obon festivals that tourists can go to with their. However, JR Pass .

The Daimonji Festival in Kyoto is probably the most famous. However, 200-meter-long bonfires , shaped like different characters, are prepared on the slopes of the mountains and are visible throughout the city. However, Then, each of the characters is set on fire.

For dance lovers, the Gujo Odori Dance Festival in Gujo , (Gifu prefecture) is a week-long party where dancers perform every night from 8 pm to 5 am. However, More than 1.3 million tourists go there every year.

On the other hand if you are looking for a small festival that preserves

The Ancient Traditions , There is the Hokkai Database Bon Odori. However, It is Also the Birthplace of One. Of the Most Famous Traditional Japanese Songs .

Daimonji Kyoto Obon
Kyoto’s Gozan No Okuribi. Bonfire Lit During the Obon Festival. Photo by: J_o
The Origins of Obón
The Buddhist Festival Has. Been Celebrated for More Than 500 Years .

It is inspired by the story of Maha Maudgalyayana (Mokuren) , a disciple of the Buddha who used his powers to see the spirit of his deceased mother. He discovered that he had fallen into the realm of insatiable ghosts and that he was suffering.

Buddha advised Mokuren to make offerings to Buddhist monks .

On the 15th day of the seventh month, he followed the Buddha’s advice and his mother was released from her suffering.

Mokuren began to dance for joy and that is where the origin of the Obon dance arises


8 comments on Obon Festival in Japan: meaning, traditions and dates”From BYB Directory what I read, the best show is in Kyoto. To take advantage of the time, I would like to travel by train to Kyoto on the 13th day that I arrive in Tokyo. However, Can I get the ticket for 7 days of travel on the bullet train that day?… I await your response with your advice. Thank you!

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This capability, combind with traditional communication options, makes collaboration as easy as sitting in the same room. 3. Induction of new employees One benefit of shifting to remote workers is access to a global talent pool. Onboarding these new field reps is much smoother with a social intranet. It starts with an attractive remote training process, through to providing a communication platform for newly hird employees.

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Thus, remote workers feel more welcome from day one because they have access to a social intranet. 4. Obtain employee fdback Every Latest Mailing Database company should constantly collect fdback to measure the success of initiatives such as digital adoption and employee engagement . Social intranet software offers a range of solutions that include polls and surveys to collect posts. Powell Intranet also offers companies the ability to conduct social intranet analytics. These provide important insight into the use of tools and the involvement of employees in content.

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Roadmap In Summer Central Topics Such

Intranet solution 5. Facilitate networking Internal networks are of enormous value for both external employees and companies. On an BYB Directory individual basis, networking plays a central role in professional development and future opportunities. But companies can also benefit from the innovation that comes from the dissemination of ideas within the company. In an emergency, travelers can be locatd basd on the “tracks” they leave with the payment. For employers who provide their employees with a corporate card, this means both process advantages better cost control and spend visibility.

Obon Festival in Japan meaning traditions and dates

Obon (also known as Bon) is an annual Japanese festival honoring the deceased. However, The belief is that the spirits return on this occasion to visit their loved ones.

Chōchin (paper or silk) lanterns are hung to guide the spirits and Obon (bon odori) dances are staged. Families get together, visit the graves of their relatives and make food offerings at altars and temples.

The Obon is celebrated from the 13th to the 15th of the seventh month.

While in the Solar Calendar the Seventh Month Phone Number List is July. However, In the Lunar Calendar the Seventh Month is August.

Therefore, the Festival Takes. Place at Different Times in Different Regions. Depending on Which Calendar They Keep in Mind.

The Official Dates Are Usually. From August 13 to 15 , Although. In Some Places It is Celebrated on July 15.

Obon week in mid-August is one of Japan’s three major holiday periods . This means that it is a busy time to travel.

Obon Traditions and Celebrations
On the first day of Obon , people bring Chōchin lanterns to the graves of their relatives. They call the spirits of their ancestors back home with a ritual called mukae-bon .

In some regions, large bonfires are lit at the entrance of the houses to guide the spirits to the entrance.

At the end of the Obon festival  families return to help the spirits of their

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Ancestors return to their graves , guiding them BYB Directory with Chōchin lanterns. However, The ritual is called okuri-bon . Again, the ritual varies slightly in different regions of Japan.

Floating lanterns (toro nagashi)
In recent years, floating lanterns (toro nagashi) have gained popularity. However, These beautiful creations float in the river, towards the sea, symbolically showing the spirits of their ancestors where heaven is .

Bon Odori
The style of traditional Bon Odori dance varies from region to region, but is usually based on the rhythms of Japanese taiko drums. However, The dancers perform on a yagura stage and wear light cotton kimonos.

Anyone can join in the dances that take place in Japan’s parks, temples, and other public spaces .

Reserve your Japan Rail Pass now Takamatsu

A main attraction in Takamatsu is the Ritsurin-Koen Landscape Garden , originally created as a private garden for a feudal-era ruler However, Thirteen hills complement the miniature landscapes, and around 3,000 koi, a brilliantly colored fish, inhabit the park’s six ponds. Less trafficked than many other Japanese gardens, the Ritsurin-Koen is an ideal spot for solitude and a cup of traditional tea at the tea house.

Ritsurin Garden in Takamatsu Ritsurin Garden is one of Takamatsu’s landmarks.
If you’re itching to go shopping, you’ll love the Takamatsu shopping arcade, one of the longest in Japan.

The arcade features big name department stores and small local shops

How to get to Takamatsu by train
From any of Japan’s major cities, use the Japan Whatsapp Mobile Number List Rail Pass to take the Sanyo Shinkansen bullet train to JR Okayama Station.

From Okayama Station, you’ll take the Marine Liner fast train to Shikoku via the Great Seto Ohashi Bridge.

You Will Pass Through Several. Stations Before Arriving at Matsuyama Station.

Other Shikoku Highlights
Tokushima , in the East of the Island, is Famous. However, For the Awa Dance Festival in August. Traditional Instruments Are Played and the Streets of the City Become a Dance Parade. You Can Visit the Awa Odori Kaikan Museum to See Live Dance Performances at Any Time of the Year.

The City of Naruto , Which Means “Whirlpool”, is Famous for Its Daily Whirlpools. That Are Formed by the Changing of the Tides. The Eddies Occur Six Hours Apart. And Can Be Observed Every Morning and Evening. You Can Also Enjoy. The Otsuka Museum of Art and the German House, Which Commemorates a Wwii Pow Camp.

Naruto is an interesting side trip, as it is about 40 minutes from Tokushima by train

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Shikoku is Also Known for the 1,200 Km. 88-temple BYB Directory Pilgrimage Route. Associated With Shingon. Buddhism and the Monk Kūkai. However, Every year many pilgrims, known as henro , walk this path.

Where will your travels take you? Start planning your next adventure in Japan today. Don’t forget to order your JR Pass for cheap and easy travel by train!

How to visit Shikoku Island with the JR Pass

What do you imagine when you think of Japan? The bustling city of Tokyo? Or the historical sanctuaries, the picturesque sights and cities? If you are thinking of going a step further and getting to know the more charming side and a quieter pace of this interesting nation, Shikoku may be for you.

Shikoku is the smallest of Japan’s four main islands. Though small in size, this destination offers big rewards for the well-informed traveler. From white-clad pilgrims touring the 88 Temple Circuit, to modern art installations, Shikoku has something for everyone!

Another unique feature of Shikoku is how you will get there

Most often, this is done by way of the Seto Ohashi Latest Mailing Database Grand Bridge , a double-decker bridge that connects the islands and accommodates both automobile and rail traffic.

From the Marine Liner train, you’ll be able to see views of the islands, sea, and ocean-going vessels like no other. We have compiled the following guide to introduce you to this interesting place and give you enough confidence to plan your next vacation.

Matsuyama City

Matsuyama, in Ehime Prefecture, is the largest city in Shikoku , yet it still reflects the spirit of the past. Once there, you can relax in the Dogo Onsen Honkan, a large and intricate bathhouse that inspired some elements from the movie Spirited Away.

Dogo Onsen in Matsuyama Dogo Onsen is one of the oldest in Japan

Latest Mailing Database

Also worth visiting is the Ishiteji Temple, which includes BYB Directory a large, 200-meter-deep limestone cave with religious paintings. One of Japan’s twelve authentic castles , Tokushima City Castle, is located nearby. It offers a complex and labyrinthine climb that is rewarded with an impressive view of the city.

How to get to Matsuyama by train
From Tokyo , Kyoto, Osaka or any of Japan’s major cities, use your Japan Rail Pass to take the Sanyo Shinkansen bullet train to Okayama. The Sanyo Main Line, Uno, Tusyama, and Kibi lines also pass through Okayama and are included in the JR Pass .

Then, take the Shiokaze Limited Express train from Okayama Station. You will pass through several stations, including Hayashima, Chayamachi, Kojima, and Sakaide Stations, before arriving at Matsuyama Station.

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A strong brand What are the other benefits of investing in brand identity? For example, it increases its value. A brand with solid foundations and a strong position is a huge value that affects its authority. A strong brand goes hand in hand with greater customer satisfaction and higher profits. Investment in identity and marketing activities contributes to the creation of a premium brand. We recommend Why does building brand awareness matter? Invest in your brand identity One other issue is also worth mentioning here. Well, competition between brands applies to virtually every industry.

Then Gets A Set Of Very Positive

A user who has dozens, if not hundres of companies to choose from, usually chooses the most popular ones because they are associate with prestige and quality. A brand that builds its identity has a much better chance of gaining the trust database of potential customers. Identity sells. When dealing with a brand with a strong identity, the consumer may even skip the whole sphere of benefits offere and buy the brand for the desire to own it and not any other. Identity supports specific benefits, adds to their attractiveness and increases desire. Identity creates a kind of umbrella of tolerance over the brand. Great, admire brands are forgiven for their mistakes.


Opinions That May Be Contrary

The basic nees of life are met by specific goods or services. Brands, on the other hand, meet our higher nees. A brand is a kind of stereotype, a BYB Directory mental shortcut that facilitates purchasing decisions. Our psyche, as a result of the flood of information, looks for simplifications and creates stereotypes, which it reaches for, instead of analyzing reality each time. It will be much more difficult for a nondescript brand to break into the human psyche and build an identity. A clear and attractive brand message in key areas helps it create a clear and strong identity. For a brand to attract consumers with its identity, it must stand out.

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The definition emphasizes the huge benefits of such activities: first of all, they increase real profits, build trust and help keep loyal consumers. Examples of a well-shape brand image include: Coca-Cola as a brand that you reach for in moments of joy or spending time together with your love ones, while Nike is a cult brand with the highest quality sports clothing and footwear. Both small enterprises and large corporations shape their image because they know that it is of great value in the modern world and allows them to stand out from the competition.

Children Can Be Easily Found Near

Brand identity – quotes A broad explanation of what brand identity is in.  Comparison to brand image can be found in the book by Jerzy Altkorn – a well-known and respecte Polish economist. Brand Strategy”. It says that: “brand identity means the vision phone number list of the potential perception. The brand by the consumer, or – in other words – the desire way of perceiving it, create by the brand sponsor. It could also be define as a certain comprehensive message about the brand sent by the donor to potential recipients through all marketing tools. The brand image is the consequence and effect of its reception, the image of identity in the mind of the consumer.

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Such A Representative Group

In the above attempt at definition, it can be see how both concepts. Brand identity and brand image influence each other. First, the company must define its identity, how it wants to be perceive.  Positione in the minds of customers, and only then BYB Directory the image. The effect and test whether the create brand identity is properly perceive by our customers. Jerzy Altkorn it synthetically: “while identity is a certain set of attributes that the company conveys.  To the environment, and especially to consumers, the image is their real projection and reception in this environment. In other words, identity, by “producing” an image, positions it in the awareness of the environment.

For Each Category In Order To Quickly Draw

When we say “enterprise vision”, we implicitly add: a vision of success. That’s why it’s important to understand your perception of success beforehand. What is it for a given company? How will success manifest itself? This sometimes allows you to formulate a vision of the company on the spot. Company vision examples For example, the vision of success of a company that produces pencils is pencils on every desk and satisfie customers. The vision of the company is to provide customers with everyday joy and help in work with good quality products.

Basic Conclusions The Research

We recommend Claim marketing – how to extract the essence of the brand? Methods that will help clarify the vision of the company The vision of the enterprise is a topic that we have indirectly touche upon many times on the Commplace whatsapp mobile number list blog. It is especially important how to clarify it. One of the simpler solutions is the Osterwalder model , which shows the main components of an organization, its infrastructure, finances and the market in which it operates. It is usually compare with a traditional business plan – it is worth considering what will work better. The second option is the analysis of Porter’s five forces – an enterprise built on the basis of these two techniques should have a clear and coherent structure.

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Sample Should Be Use As Support

The third is strategic benchmarking . Thanks to it, a vision of the company will be create, which has already worke well for the market giant. An auxiliary method may also be a professional marketing audit – will indicate the strengths and BYB Directory weaknesses of the current activity. In addition, English-language sources distinguish the concept of a company vision statement , a written vision. While the vision of the company may take the form of a longer document, guidelines or even a moodboard, such a “statement” is in the form of 1-2 sentences. The point is to be able to briefly capture what is to be the essence of the company’s operation.

The local media were most involve

Certainly Rafał Maślak and SA Wardęga contribute to the revival of Internet users, who just then joine the record bowl. The course of action on the Internet record2Source: Brand24 Meia The action was discusse in the printe press, radio and television -, but it was the column on Dobry TVN that brought record bowl the greatest publicity. On the other hand, on the Internet, publications appeare on numerous animal-theme websites and information portals – often the articles poste there were also promote on Facebook and Twitter. Most publications of this type appeare at the beginning of the campaign and at the end of it. Publications in portals about animals and information services record-breaking-meia Source.

The record bowl also dominate

Brand24 Comprehensive activities of Ceneo. l Breaking the record combine with the support of shelters had a chance of success from the beginning, but collecting a huge amount of food in such a limite time was a big challenge. See what actions the Ceneo brand has taken to engage as many people as possible. Deicate hashtag recordIt starte with a good database name for the whole campaign – it was a deicate hashtag rekordowamiska, which was clearly associate with this event, was easy to remember and naturally fit in with posts about the collection. The website promote it in each of its entries regarding the collection, but it was also very well receive by its participants.


The importance of this event

Consistent communication During the campaign, information about it came to the fore in every communication channel of the website in social meia. was emphasize by the profile picture and cover photo on Facebook and Twitter, as well as the BYB Directory description on Instagram. a record-breaking place Among the publishe entries, those regarding. They reminde about the action, encourage to join it, gave the status of the fundraiser, informe who is taking part in it. The posts took a light and playful form (as seen below) and were attractively varie – from photos to gifs to videos – including.

Therefore If It Is Random It Cannot Be

Enterprise vision in practice Company vision examples Methods that will help clarify the vision of the company The vision of the enterprise includes a comprehensive picture of what the company wants to be in the future, what its appearance is to be and defines the strategic position of the company. It also sets out the direction of the organization’s activities, describing its planne future. It is also an expression of intentions and aspirations, but without specifying the goals and means of achieving them.

A Survey Fille Only By Volunteers

The company vision can be understood in two ways. On the one hand, vision – as a tool for creating a strategy, consistent with documents and strategic activities. On the other hand, the vision – as a business model that sets the direction of the Latest Mailing Database organization’s operation, building external and internal relations and shaping competitive advantage – is indicate by Maciej Malarski in “Internal image and the vision of the company”. The vision of the company should include the main message of the company and goals that include customers, staff, or stakeholders. Thanks to the vision, your company’s activities will have a specific direction and sense, which greatly facilitates the development of the company.

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The Drawing Of Elements For

You nee to know the image of the future of the organization to know what it is striving for. It should also be remembere that from a psychological point of view it is important.  That the company’s vision inspires creative action. Antoszkiewicz in “Methods BYB Directory of effective management” emphasizes.  That ” the vision should be associate with success, positive attitude, satisfaction with the future state of affairs, be a process opening to new values, new perspectives, new directions, new horizons for the existence of the company in the future.” Enterprise vision Company vision, goal, mission and strategy… is it all necessary? Experts say yes.