Optimize landing page URL

nclude keywords – Include the keywords you want to target but don’t keyword stuff (I talk more about this below) All characters are lowercase There are no spaces Separate words are joined together by the character “-“ The URL of the landing page must be short and easy to remember so that when shared in social networks or forums, it has a better meaning and more aesthetic appeal. For example, when you see this URL in a forum or on Facebook or twitter: vietnetgroup.vn/dao-tao-seo.html then you know what this page is about even just by reading the url.

Create a Landing page with HTTPS

A lot of you think it’s not important because the way you get traffic 
WhatsApp Number is mostly from advertising. You don’t seem to be quite right, at least HTTPS will help you gain more credibility from users. Having an SSL attached to your landing pages, and your website in general, is extremely important. It is a factor that will help you rank higher because Google is using https in their ranking algorithm. Additionally, it serves as an affirmation to tell users that they can trust your website to share their personal information and make purchases.

Choose the keywords you want to rank for

To be able to SEO optimize any page, you first need to know what keywords you want that page to rank for. When it comes to landing page SEO, this task becomes a bit more  BYB Directory complicated because SEO keywords need to be given attention to those already identified on the main page. This may sound confusing, let me explain further with an example. For example: You really want to rank for the keyword “How to lose weight” for your landing page, but realize it’s too difficult for a product landing page. You can think of broader terms and you are almost the trend leader like “weight loss tea packs” (in case you sell weight loss tea).

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