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This capability, combind with traditional communication options, makes collaboration as easy as sitting in the same room. 3. Induction of new employees One benefit of shifting to remote workers is access to a global talent pool. Onboarding these new field reps is much smoother with a social intranet. It starts with an attractive remote training process, through to providing a communication platform for newly hird employees.

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Thus, remote workers feel more welcome from day one because they have access to a social intranet. 4. Obtain employee fdback Every Latest Mailing Database company should constantly collect fdback to measure the success of initiatives such as digital adoption and employee engagement . Social intranet software offers a range of solutions that include polls and surveys to collect posts. Powell Intranet also offers companies the ability to conduct social intranet analytics. These provide important insight into the use of tools and the involvement of employees in content.

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Intranet solution 5. Facilitate networking Internal networks are of enormous value for both external employees and companies. On an BYB Directory individual basis, networking plays a central role in professional development and future opportunities. But companies can also benefit from the innovation that comes from the dissemination of ideas within the company. In an emergency, travelers can be locatd basd on the “tracks” they leave with the payment. For employers who provide their employees with a corporate card, this means both process advantages better cost control and spend visibility.

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