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A strong brand What are the other benefits of investing in brand identity? For example, it increases its value. A brand with solid foundations and a strong position is a huge value that affects its authority. A strong brand goes hand in hand with greater customer satisfaction and higher profits. Investment in identity and marketing activities contributes to the creation of a premium brand. We recommend Why does building brand awareness matter? Invest in your brand identity One other issue is also worth mentioning here. Well, competition between brands applies to virtually every industry.

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A user who has dozens, if not hundres of companies to choose from, usually chooses the most popular ones because they are associate with prestige and quality. A brand that builds its identity has a much better chance of gaining the trust database of potential customers. Identity sells. When dealing with a brand with a strong identity, the consumer may even skip the whole sphere of benefits offere and buy the brand for the desire to own it and not any other. Identity supports specific benefits, adds to their attractiveness and increases desire. Identity creates a kind of umbrella of tolerance over the brand. Great, admire brands are forgiven for their mistakes.


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The basic nees of life are met by specific goods or services. Brands, on the other hand, meet our higher nees. A brand is a kind of stereotype, a BYB Directory mental shortcut that facilitates purchasing decisions. Our psyche, as a result of the flood of information, looks for simplifications and creates stereotypes, which it reaches for, instead of analyzing reality each time. It will be much more difficult for a nondescript brand to break into the human psyche and build an identity. A clear and attractive brand message in key areas helps it create a clear and strong identity. For a brand to attract consumers with its identity, it must stand out.

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