Expansion of the store as needed

Expansion of the store as needed Anguages ​​and support Split with seniority level . Copy-paste the link into a spreadsheet The second step is to copy the URL of this first chunk and paste it into a Google spreadsheets. copy url sales navigator search We are going to modify to this search to continue splitting it so you must save the chunks somewhere. save url chunkl sales navigator . Exclude the search filters you us Once you save the URL you can exclude all the search filters you us. how to exclude filter sales navigator.

Different currencies and promote

Multi channel sales

Expansion of the Export sales navigator searcheslinkin BYB Directory search export settings . Download your search results in CSV Once you start the Phantom, it will automatically scrape and export the search results into a CSV file that you can download or import into Excel or Google Sheets. download linkin search results In this file you will find: Linkin URL First name Last name Profile picture URL Current Job Connection Degree Location Share Connections Basically all the information that is display on the search results page.

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