Below is an example of an SEO

This provides a clear understanding of who is doing what, which creates an operational workflow that becomes an easily repeatable and scalable template. For example, organize the following roles and responsibilities: Project manager: Ensures that the project is on time and on budget by assigning tasks to specific people and sending deadline reminders. Content strategist: Creates and manages the production and implementation of the SEO strategy. Content writer: Writes the content, typically as a subject matter expert or compiles information from them. Editor: Edits and proofreads the writing from the content writer to ensure technical accuracy and adherence to brand ToV guidelines.

Organize project roles and operational

Average contract value is then the same as in AOV for ecommerce. So, based on the amount of SQLs, calculate how many leads might close and how much DB to Data those contracts are worth, subtract operational costs, and then you’ve got the estimated gross revenue generated from SEO. Step 3:  workflows Once you get management on board and your SEO strategy is structured around search intent match keywords and content that builds authority around your products and services, you’ll need to establish concrete roles for everyone involved in the project.

KPIs for monthly sales from traffic

DB to Data

Next, calculate the amount of conversions from that traffic according to your estimated conversion rate multiplied by the average order value. Subtract BYB Directory operational costs, and then get the forecasted  cost per sale, estimated monthly revenue and ROI. Below is an example of an SEO impact forecast for B2B. It’s slightly different from ecommerce because there is. No direct sales: Complex B2B SEO. Generated Revenue Forecast Monthly. Organic Traffic (across 6 months) 10,400 -> (30% increase) Organic. Traffic Conversion Rate (conversion rate milestone within 6 months). Lead to Close Rate 5% Deals Closed 13 sales x $Gross. Revenue $845,000 per month In this case, you. Would follow a process similar t. Ecommerce but instead swap out free trials / demos or a contact CTA with sales qualified leads (SQLs).

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