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But more importantly, Hubspot Sales provides because it allows you to link an email address to a specific person – name and surname. This way, in your mailbox you can have detaile information about the person you are writing to (e.g. what has been adde recently on social meia). Thanks to this, a more personalize way of communication is possible, and it converts better into sales. 1 Unbounce is a tool for creating responsive landing pages, equippe with ready-made templates that can be fully adapte to your nees – that’s here is quick and fun. You can also create your own website from scratch and you do not nee to have outstanding programming skills – just a few clicks to add or remove selecte elements. Importantly.

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We can publish landing pages create there under our domain. Additionally, there are various useful features available in Unbounce, such as integration with other tools, A/B tests, email notifications about new leads. With us, landing pages are great, for phone number list example, for registering for webinars.ackaSeptember 20, 2016 ・ 2 min read Share with Facebook Share with Twitter Share with LinkeIn The entire Internet industry in Poland joins forces and supports the beciaki campaign – this is a way to raise 240,000. for the fight against cancer. beciaki is an initiative of Marcin Majzner.

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President of Cupsell . Marcin (as well as other people relate to the Internet business) attende this year’s eition of InternetBeta. On the last day of the BYB Directory conference, Mateusz Tułecki – the organizer and all-father of this iconic event – aske for help for his sister-in-law Ania. Ania is a loving wife and mother of three children who suffere from inoperable lung cancer. In order to live, he nees a drug that is not reimburse in Poland – the cost of the therapy is PLN 240,000., Marcin took action.

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