Day: April 13, 2023

Certified Google partner what criteria must be met

It is worth using the help of PromoTraffic specialists who have successfully carried out many campaigns. With our knowledge and experience, you will transform unknown Internet users into valuable leads and then satisfied customers. Fill out the brief now! Sources: Google Partners is a program created by Google for advertising agencies and PPC specialists. Currently, […]

Paid activities are also very effective they will push

Knowledge of the rules for granting subsidies and forecasts according to which electricity prices are shaped can help in optimizing the marketing campaign and investing in a photovoltaic micro-installation. An analysis of the seasonality of your industry can also give you an idea for valuable content . Knowledge of the renewable energy industry I have […]

In order for your work to give even better results

A cold mailing campaign with a link to good quality content or a video. What else is worth considering when building a strategy? Inbound marketing is based on creating valuable content that meets the needs of users interested in a given topic. , it is worth considering the following elements that will significantly facilitate building […]

Use them to outline the titles of content products

Develop a schedule for creating and promoting valuable content via social media or paid search results on Google. • Specify specific platforms, tools that will be needed to run inbound campaigns and report results. Integrated marketing strategy – inbound plus outbound I briefly (?) discussed inbound marketing, indicating the stages of strategy development. After implementing […]