Organizations and the digital Diogenes syndrome

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The first has come to me from the London School of Economics; It is signed by the professor of Greek origin, Jannis Kallinicos. The second comes from a nearby school and from Professor Garrido's literature students. One is an interview that summarizes the analysis that Prof. Kallinicos makes of the influence of networks in our lives and the prominence of our digital data as identity CMB Directory traits that represent us. The other comes from an article read a few hours ago in the local press, in which the experience of the challenge that the ESO teacher proposed to her students is narrated: abandoning the mobile phone for a week in exchange for improving the grade in the subject.

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Sometimes, when analyzing the importance that tools, processes and paths subject to an algorithm have in Company-Market relationships today, the attributes, values ​​and strategies that until not long ago supported said relationship are forgotten, yes, successfully also disparate, that is, the same as now. The vitality of organizations has always been marked by the fluidity and depth with which they have been able to get to know their market, the success in putting the appropriate satisfaction before their needs or desires, and the will to transform the strategically achieved curiosity into loyalty to the emotionally grounded brand-product. Business relationships do not understand acts of faith or martyrs for the cause but rather shared benefits.

Jannis Kallinikos wonders if at this point we are just our data and if there is no other way in which we can be known. Paradoxically, a 16-year-old boy who has risked living a few days without a mobile responds in a very graphic way "a week ago, when I still had in my pocket that cold object that connects you to a parallel world, in the room next to mine My little brother lived, a week later, to my surprise, it turns out that a friend lives in the next room with whom I can share more than I imagined. "

Perhaps the company is relying too much on the immediacy of digital contact without realizing that the long-awaited and allegedly profitable "engagement" with both its real and potential market, even with its own closest stakeholders, is thus too superficial.

It should not be forgotten that customer loyalty is a feeling, not an Emoji. It is the emotion that embraces a brand and that we dream of turning into something more consistent than a simple like. It is true that the context of our relationships in the domestic, social and commercial spheres has changed. Now, such a scenario is especially useful if it is quantifiable. The "analytics" applied to data, contacts, visits? seeks to put numbers, detects and converts behaviors into statistics but does not advance towards the understanding of said behavior and its causes, nor does it allow us to do so if we only have the data and are not able to apply another type of evaluation. "Big data deals with what, not why; they provide us with patterns and correlations as an alarm about what is happening"("Big Data. The big data revolution". J. Mayer-Schönberger). For his part, Martin Lindstrom, in his book "Small Data" states that "our concern with digital data jeopardizes high-quality ideas and observations that affect the product and also arise from an idealized and edited version that we show on the web of who we really are. " Said perhaps in a more understandable way: "discover something as simple as looking at someone when he talks to you, being able to see him and also what is around him?" This is quite a discovery, as our brave 4th year ESO students say in their conclusions as one of the results of their "digital free" challenge.

Data, for technology companies, is the raw material with which they train their algorithms that will later become their source of income thanks to the dependency ties they create in users. This binding is a consequence, not a cause; The cause is part of our personality, of our need to be recognized, of the realization that a like and a few dozen more followers produce the same sense of pride and the same pleasure as obtaining an honors degree in studies or public recognition at work. They unleash the precise dose of serotonin to make us feel good and, what is more decisive, to want to repeat as soon as possible.

E l Big Data, ie high personal information to thousands of millions of records on various aspects, is anodyne if you can not find an explanation and useless if you do not have a destination. The latter is well known to Google, so well that the least it cares about is scrutinizing the motivations of the information it obtains. In 2017, in fact, he decided to stop reading the content of the Gmail email (yes, there is an algorithm to "read" our emails) because he no longer needed it; I simply saw it impossible to discover something that he no longer knew about us through Chrome and You Tube searches,